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MMT-8 keypad repair for dummies

June 13th, 2007 Andrew Martens 10 comments

About two years ago, I was browsing through a nearby surplus/consignment shop, when I stumbled across a pair of classics: an Alesis MMT-8 and HR-16. I knew that these devices tended to have some reliability issues, and the LCD on the MMT-8 was a bit screwy, but I figured they could be fixed. I could have waited for the price to drop further, but at $30 (CAD) each it was already a good deal. As expected, most of the buttons barely worked and/or required a great deal of force before they would register. The EPROMs for each (but most crucially the MMT-8) also needed updating. Due to various other commitments (like planning a wedding), these two poor devices sat in a box, unused for about two years – until now.

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