Over the years, I have written a few articles for various online publications. To be honest, “various” is a bit of a stretch. There were two in particular: the first was a small BeOS news site run by Jory Steifel, called “BeMind”. Somehow I made the transition from there to Ars Technica, where I wrote three additional articles as their short-lived BeOS correspondent.  Local articles (reviews and how-to guides) are also listed here.

Local Articles:

Ars Technica:

BeMind (Wayback Machine):

  • Interview with Stephan Adams – an interview with Stephan Adams, CEO of Adamation, about some of their upcoming products for BeOS (December 1998)
  • Bezilla vs. The Mergersaurus – a crappy piece about AOL’s merger/takeover of Netscape (Fall 1998)
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