About this blog:

I started this blog (still detest that word) because writing on various community sites (LJ, K5, HuSi) under a variety of pseudonyms just didn’t make sense if I actually wanted to write something of substance. The intent is to post random things of interest (like every other blog out there), but also to maintain a record of various projects that I’m working on. Perhaps it may appeal to a slightly wider audience than my regular crew, or perhaps not. That’s hardly relevant. I will try to update daily about… well, something. It may be synth-related, about Live PA, computers, rabbits, general nerd-ery, etc. Who knows? And as the subheading at the top of the page reads: who cares?

About me:

Well, where to start? I’m a 30-year-old computer engineer living in Vancouver, BC, and work as a software developer for a local energy management company.  I’m happily married and we have four a number of lovely rabbits (don’t worry, they’re all fixed).  Several years ago, my wife and I moved into our new (old) duplex and started renovating it. I’m pleased to report that we are still married, even after renovating the kitchen and other smaller projects. My hobbies include writing music, playing computer/video games, going camping, and hanging out with friends. That pretty much sums it up, and if you want to know more then you’ll have to ask my stalker.

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  1. August 6th, 2010 at 18:05 | #1

    andrew –

    i added you as a friend on facebook, but really i just wanted to message you. i seek your mentoring in the making of some minor changes to my juno 6.

    i had a juno 106 in my posession for about 2yrs due to a rich friends memory lapse, but that time is long gone.

    anyway, just bought the juno 6 and i am content thus far. esp without that whole patch storage nonsense, cluttering up the interface!!!

    but here is what it comes down to:

    I want to extend the pitch/dco bender range to a full octave. Have you any experience with a mod like this? i was thinking/hoping/praying that it would just be a matter of swapping out resistors, or maybe swapping for a pcb mount trimming potentiometer/variable resistor.

    i just don’t know where to start. my frist synth was the realistic concertmate mg-1, and–i guess– because of its crapiness, i found mods galore online. but with the juno 6 i have found nothing.

    let me know if you can point me in the right direction, towards the right forum, or can offer me any first hand knowledge on where to start and what to do.

  2. Eric
    November 2nd, 2010 at 15:17 | #2


    Read your blog on the Mungo Juno 6 retrofit.. I just picked up one myself but can’t find all the parts I need! Where do you go for 24 gauge AWG cable?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Karl Baltz
    April 25th, 2011 at 10:48 | #3

    Dear Mr. Martens,

    I am researching the Chinook Whirlwind Guide 5 person tent that you wrote an excellent review of back in 2008. I am a motorcycle rider and I am looking for a tent that will allow me to have the bike inside the vestibule when I am not riding it while camping. The tent that I am replaceing is very similiar to the Trailwind Long Star 3 person tent or the Whirlwind 3 person tent (without the ridge support system). These two tents are about two feet short in supporting my having my bike in the vestibule. I need at least 100 inches and the doors going into the vestibules from the side are too narrow. The Guide 5 tent is more than big enough in the vestibule narrow axis to shelter my motorcycle, but I don’t have a feel for how big the side door or the end door on the vesitbule are in the height and width. Also it appear from your photos that your version of the Guide 5 tent has two side vestibule doors where it looks like the current 20011 catalog version of the Chinook Whirlwind Guide 5 only has one side vestibule door. Can you provide the deminsions of the side vestibule door on your Guide 5 tent? Also how big is the packed tent? in you opinion is or would this tent be a lot of over kill for a one person camping trip traveling on a big touring motorcycle?

    The other tent that I am considering is the Nomad Tenere tent. It was designed for the adventure motorcycle rider and allows the motorcycle to be driven into the larger vestibule and the driven out without having to back the bike out. It is a two person tent with room to store gear both inside main tent as well as in the vestibule areas. It is a hoop design that allows the outside fly to be completly stand alone with the inner tent being clipped to the outer fly. Bike garage area. It is less than half the floor space of the Guide 5 in the inner tent and the largest vestibule is only 100″ X 50″ is size. and it is twice the price of what I could buy the Guide 5 for.

    Both tents provide 6 feet of head space.
    The Guide 5 has heavier coatings, more inner tent floor space and larger main vestibule.
    Larger packed footprint (I think the Guide is 9 inchs longer than the Nomad) and almost twice the packed weight of the Nomad tent.

    Inner tent for Guide has to be assembled first then the fly/vestibule where with the Nomad the FLy and tent can go up at the same time. If it is raining, the Nomad will get you out of the rain faster than any other tent. Also when striking camp, the Nomad is designed to allow the camper/motorcycle rider to repack inner tent and other camp gear on motorcycle without anything getting wet ( cause everything is inside the stand alone fly) put rain gear on and then exit the fly and drop the fly and pack in separate waterproof bag to keep the rest of gear from getting wet.

    So I am having to weigh the plus and minus of both tents. and then weigh the $200 price of a Guide 5 versus the Nomad $400 price, floor space of both, ease of driving my motorcycle into the vestibule and nice feature of erecting both fly and tent as one (or separately drop if raining) or separately erecting the tent then the rain fly.

    With the Chinook Whirlwind Guide 5 tent, a lot will depend on the size of the single side door opening of the vestibule and the height of the vestibule above the side door.

    I would appreciate any information you can provide.

    Thank you very much!


    Karl Baltz
    Houston, Texas

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